At Bandma, our goal is to always be a reliable and trustworthy partner for each and every one of our customers around the globe. Therefore, we don’t just help them in emergencies or when a problem arises, our services are offered to them all the time, even before they buy the product, by offering them comprehensive planning and sales advice according to their needs.

As a reliable partner, we always stay in close proximity to our clients, for better cooperation. Over all years we have worked hard, we have grown too, and so has our distribution network, globally. A vast distribution network facilitates easy and efficient support to all our customers around the world. We have twelve sales representatives in Germany itself, who are always dedicated to their job, i.e., to assess your applications and needs carefully, and then to provide the best packaging solutions for you.

At BANDMA, our workflow is based on the values of tradition, innovation and ‘know-how’ in every step, from planning to manufacturing and assembly. This ensures a high efficiency functioning of all our machines and systems.