Global manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

"The founding fathers of the company have always envisioned to always deliver the best and most innovative technical solutions that every man can easily afford. The goal to evolve technology based packaging solutions has been the cornerstone in Bandma’s International success. To quote the core principles and vision for the company in the words of Sanjay Jain,“ The company and its entities will continuously strive to achieve cost effective technology based solutions for enhancing the productivity of the packaging sector. It will constantly focus on evolving itself to cater all customer specific solutions. It will engage with its employee and customer base to increase productivity and efficiency of the sector.”


To become a leading international name in the Packaging world by offering exclusive packaging technologies and solutions.


To evolve technology based packaging solutions to all our customers around the globe. To adapt ourselves with every demand and requirement our customers make.


For great success, your values should be more important to you than the money or the title. And at Bandma we work by a set of strong values inculcated in each and every member of ours.

Responsibilities and challenges.

With being an internationally successful packaging brand, Bandma also gets some moral duties. AT Bandma, our people work hard every day to be better than the previous day. Every employee takes the company’s responsibilities as their own individual responsibilities. These responsibilities are to deliver the best and only the best to our clients, to maintain the relation of trust and reliability that we have developed through the years, and to constantly keep getting better at our services and products while never compromising with quality. It’s our commitment to these duties that has lead Bandma to become what it is today – A one stop shop for all packaging needs without any absurd price tags.

And when there are these major responsibilities to be committed to, there are quite many challenges that we face as well. Our employees are trained technically as well as mentally to face every challenge, solve every problem, with utter enthusiasm and determination.