We are an engineering and manufacturing company, comitted to provide the best services to our clients available in the packaging industry, and run by Mr. Sanjay Jain, a leading name in the packaging industry.

Bandma has terrific and long experience of 25 years in manufacturing and delivering top-notch packaging machinery and products to our clients and are strapping and scrapping machine manufacturer in Delhi. It is our immense experience and stellar customer service,that has led us to excelling in the industry, and becoming an International brand now. We are always dedicated to stay in sync with the newest technological advancements and trends, to meet all the needs of our clients in the best way possible. Be it a complex packaging facility system, or a Cord strap, with our explicit work methods, we make sure that each and every single one of your demands is satisified.

End-of-Line Packaging solutions from one source.



We provide you the latest and most advanced developments in technologies in the strapping and packaging sector.
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Bandma’s vast network is coordinated with our engineering team to get you the most suitable and advnaced solutions for all sorts of requirements within the packaging technology. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers makes specifically tailored products which are designed to meet all your reqiurements.

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Technical Services and Maintainance

We ensure to provide high functionality of all our machines and systems, our customers get an inspection and maintenance facility that coordinates with the customer’s in-house maintenance schedule to optimize manufacturing expenditures. Our vastly structured network at Bandma provides spare parts you need quickly, so you’re up and running again.

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Installation and Startup

The installation and startup services at Bandma are quick and hassle-free, given our long experience and expertise in the field. TO ensure that everything foes just as you want it, all of our technicians are highly trained.

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Apart from the post-production services, we at Bandma strive to keep our pre-production services top-notch as well. All Bandma products and spare parts are manufactured by us, using every latest packaging technology available, to ensure that you get only what is best. Also, the scrapping machine manufacturing in Delhi process keeps adapting to new ideas and technologies, so that we make tailor-made products and solutions just for you, as per your demands and needs.


" We like the 5mm strapping and the new strapping roll of thickness 9 mm. Also the shrink wrapping machine is very good in terms of quality and performance. Our demonstration at the Packplus exhibition is great. "

- Ravinder Kumar, Relaxo Footwear

" The metal detector are accurate as well the coding system are incorporate as single point solution in packaging industry. Keep it up as your stall is looking well. Our team is well coordinated and are working very good. "

- Ravinder Chaudhary, Patanjali

" Reliability of your equipment & service is excellent with good working of our team. "

- Shubhashis Naskar, Burda Druk